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Divi Block – 478+ Premade blocks

Revolutionary Online Tool

Divi Block is not a plugin nor child theme. Nothing to be installed on your site. Divi Block is an online drag & drop tool for you to easily mix & match 478+ premade Divi blocks. And export the final design as .json file, which can then be imported in your Divi site. If you’re adventurous, you may just proceed to use the Free version of our builder on desktop to test all the features available. No login / registration is required.

What we did in 2022

17+ Special Module Design

This year, we focused more on adding premade special module designs – zero plugin layout. And now we have a total of 17+ special module designs. It allows you to add sophisticated / functional design to your Divi sites without using any plugins. No more worrying about plugins bloating or slowing down your site.

What we did in 2022

Divi Preloader Without Any Plugins

One of our latest addition to the special module designs is Divi Preloader. Our premade Divi preloader design is more powerful than most of the preloader plugins out there. And what’s more, no plugins needed. Some of our premade preloader design features: Loading percentage, Progress bar, Preloader close button, Rotating text, CSS icon, Lottie animation, Fullscreen progress bar, Logo as progress bar, 26 different ending animation styles, Dual ending color animation, etc.

What we did in 2022

Divi Carousel Without Any Plugins

We spent months on creating a great foundation for our carousel design without using any plugins. We also put lots of efforts in making sure it’s easy & intuitive for users to edit it in Visual Builder. And the first carousel design is released in Divi Block in June 2022. So far, 5 different categories of carousel are added to special module designs: Gallery carousel, Horizontal timeline, Team carousel, Testimonial carousel & Card carousel.

What we did in 2022

Divi Mega Menu Without Any Plugins

We’ve done all the hard works by custom coding mega menu with Divi Builder. All you need to do is to mix & match our premade mega menus with our premade custom header design. Then export it as json file & import it to your Divi Theme Builder. Everything is customizable within Divi Theme Builder itself, including the mega menu ordering. And it works on mobile as well.

What we did in 2022

And Many More

Tons of other special module design & new premade page design blocks are added as well. You may check out all our premade blocks in the Free version of Divi Block. You can easily mix & match our 478+ premade blocks (light / dark) & preview the full page design live on real Divi site.



Premade Blocks

We started with 220+ premade blocks & now we have 478+ premade blocks. Our first target is to achieve 1000+ blocks. Together with our revolutionary online tool for you to mix & match our premade blocks, building Divi sites has never been that easy.

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Pro Layout Packs/Pro Layout Packs/




Divi.Help Pro Layout Packs

Divi.Help Pro layout packs includes custom header, footer, subpages, blog page, etc. for you to kick start your Divi sites.

Agency New

Transparent HeaderSliding MenuTeam CarouselTimelineRolling TextTestimonial Slider

More Coming Soon

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Pro One-Page Layouts/Pro One-Page Layouts/




Divi.Help Pro One-Page Layouts

Beautifully crafted one-page Divi layouts for you to kick start your Divi sites.

Freelancer New

Testimonial Carousel

More Coming Soon

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And Many More/And Many More/




Divi Extensions

Other than Divi Block & Pro Layout Packs, we have 9+ Divi plugins & child themes. 3 new plugins were added in 2022. Check out all our premium Divi plugins & child themes below.


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